About Me

I'm a lifetime photographer. When I was an annoying 12 year old, I got hooked on cameras. At the time, I was shooting with my fathers old Voigtländer he'd purchased while in the Air Force. I loved shooting everything - but landscapes and wildlife were my passions.

Just out of high school, I landed a job at a Des Moines TV station and began shooting news. This was the start of a long career doing something a bit new and exciting. I spent the next 13 years at that station, learning more and more about photography, lighting and story telling.

I broke away in '94 to establish my own TV production company. It worked out! We created medical, corporate and educational videos and a massive amount of TV commercials. I also spent a great deal of time on locations shooting for the major TV networks, gathering national news in the midwest and beyond.

40 years later it's back to still images - more landscapes and wildlife than anything . Like I said, they're my passions.


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